Surfside Marina Fishing Report by Short Corner Tackle

July 31, 2013

With a hectic tournament season nearing an end (Congrats to Team Papotanic and the other winners of the Surfside Marina Center Console Shootout), here's what's going on offshore.

Nearshore, the opening of shrimp season has added the additional target of shrimpboats to the mix, for kingfish, ling, dolphin, and more. Tarpon have also made a showing off the beach near Freeport.

In a little deeper water, blackfin have showed up on the shrimpboats in 150+ ft of water.

Along the shelf, rigs along the 100 fathom curve have showed a strong blue marlin bite, as well as wahoo and a few dorado. Tuna fishing at the deepwater rigs has finally slowed up from what was an outstanding May and June, although some real studs showed up last week.

Amberjack season opens tomorrow!

Capt Troy Day
Short Corner Tackle